Minor Dent Repair

AutoRefinish is proud to be working in conjunction with Speed-A-Way Dents. If your vehicle has sustained cosmetic damage and small dings/dents and the thought of taking your vehicle to the bodyshop is too much, then Speed-A-Way are the answer to your problems. Speed-A-Way are The South’s premier Paintless Dent Removal company. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is the preferred technique for minor dent removal within the UK motor trade. It was originated by German motor manufacturers and has been used extensively across the UK for many years. Paul from Speed-A-Way has been fixing dents for over twenty years.
The process involves gaining access to the back of the damaged panel, where the dent can be reversed by ‘massaging’ the panel with specially designed sets of tools. It is actually a highly skilled process, which only the most professional and best trained technicians can carry out successfully.

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