Common Questions

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AutoRefinish always aims to deliver outstanding service and quality to you our customer.  Here we try to respond to some of the more common questions we may from time to time be asked.  If you have a question that is not covered here please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

What is a SMART repair?

SMART repair is an acronym for ‘small to medium area repair technique’. While there is no formal definition of what ‘small’ means in this instance AutoRefinish specialise in minor repairs up to and including a single panel.

How do you achieve quality repairs outside?

Technicians are trained to the highest standards and are used to working outside in most weathers.  They will make an assessment of the conditions they are expected to work in and will only take on repairs that can be completed to a professional level.

What if it is raining on the day of the booking?

No problem, AutoRefinish are fully equipped with a 3 metre by 3 metre marquee to full enclose the vehicle.

How do you match paint colours?

We use the award winning waterbased paint scheme AWP from Sherwin Williams. The paints are mixed and matched on site using the same tinters and systems that are used in top bodyshops, but in smaller quantities.  This allows for a precision repair and at the same time is much kinder to the environment.

Do you need to know my vehicles colour code?

No, we will obtain this on the day of repair from the vehicles identification plate.

Do you remove dents?

No – small dents can be filled but we do not use methods to pop dents out.  We do however have associates across the South East who can complete paintless dent removal (PDR) and we can liaise with them if required.

What areas do you cover?

AutoRefinish covers the whole of Surrey, South West London,  Croydon and Middlesex although we may travel further for larger jobs.

How much does a repair usually cost?

While estimates can be given from a distance, full damage assessment can only be carried out on viewing a vehicle. What you can be certain of is that the repair cost will be substantially lower than any quote from a traditional bodyshop.

Are your methods safe?

At AutoRefinish we comply with all health and safety and environmental legislation.